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High School Proms

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In the life of every high school student in America, there lies one special night that defines how they will recall their high school years as a whole in the future. That night is the prom. Many people look forward to it, and even more look back to it.

The first step of going to the prom is trying to get a date for it. This could be very difficult. A person should try to be as broad-minded as possible, because the attractive people obviously already have dates with other attractive people.

After the person has found a date, it is important to get a good wardrobe for the special day. A female should attempt to get a dress and then tell all her peers about it. Then she has to get the perfect hairstyle. Then make-up. Then her fingernail polish. It is often a long and gruelling process.

A male simply has to find a tuxedo with a tie and he's finished.

Then comes the magical night. Everyone looks forward to it, except for the people who do not go to the prom. These people remain at home and feel very depressed.

But this doesn't seem to bother the people that actually go to the prom. In fact, it makes them happier to know that they are not sad and lonely.

The person goes to the school where the prom is held and dances for a while. Then comes the rite of the 'Prom King and Queen.' These people hold no power whatsoever, and the position is very short-lived.

After the prom, many people go out to consume vast quantities of food. Even more people simply find a place to get drunk and/or pregnant. More often than not, many people often regret having gone to the prom, although they still go to it again the following year.

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