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Danger Mouse is a British cartoon made by Cosgrove Hall that ran from 1981 to 1992 for ten series, with 89 episodes shown. From June 1984 it was aired for two years on Nickelodeon in the US, becoming one of their most watched programmes. In both countries the show became extremely popular, with an audience of over six million people. Danger Mouse has been shown in 31 countries to date.

Danger Mouse is 'the greatest secret agent in the world'. The series is about him and his sidekick, a hamster called Penfold. The are always called to save the world from whatever deadly plans that their arch enemy Baron Silas Greenback and his henchman Stilleto (a crow) have schemed. DM's and Penfold's boss, Colonel K (a walrus), keeps the duo informed of Greenback's dastardly deeds.

Danger Mouse lives in what to most people would look like an ordinary red post box. However, down the slot is a large pipe which leads to his secret headquarters. In Danger Mouse's flashy home, there is a large reference library, wardrobe (730 suits and 730 eyepatches), Penfold's bedroom, and a central lift mechanism to get Danger Mouse and Penfold into DM's car.

Danger Mouse's car is very special, indeed. It can:

  • Suck up things like pins which enemies have scattered on the floor, blowing them out at a 45° angle from the car's rear.

  • Extend telescopic wings from the sides.

  • Aid in climbing (when taking off) with its Exhaust Duct Angle Control Unit which is also used as a rudder when flying.

  • Allow DM to talk to Colonel K via a videophone.

  • Redirect 3.73% of the airflow from the duct system to act as a impenetrable see-through canopy.

  • Drive up walls.

It also has a loudspeaker that DM can use to shout at criminals and terrify oncomers. Penfold's fearful cries for help can sometimes be heard coming from the loudspeaker too.

Character Biographies

Danger Mouse - Educated at Eton, Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Sorbonne and Wurtembery, receiving a BA, BSc, MA, MSc and PhD. Approached by Colonel K, who was impressed by Danger Mouse's capabilities when he reached the peak of the Magic Mountain while still young.

Penfold - Arrived at DM's home when he fell down the tube by accident. Very afraid of everyone and everything.

Colonel K - The first man (animal?) to climb Mount Everest on a pogo stick. Used to be a professor of various subjects, and an agent, but got promoted because of his abilities.

Baron Silas Greenback - Baron Greenback for short, he is the enemy of Danger Mouse. He has a pet caterpillar called Nero, and his sidekick is Stiletto (a crow). Stiletto's sidekick is another crow, called Leatherhead.

Another character, Count Duckula, made four appearances on Danger Mouse before getting his own show.

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