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St Annes, Lancashire, UK

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Lytham St Anne's is a town on the west coast of Lancashire, just south of Blackpool. A unique, fairly quiet place, its history predates that of all the other surrounding towns. Lytham St Anne's actually consists of two towns - Lytham, and, you've guessed it, St Anne's.

St Anne's is by far the larger town, yet also the less interesting, boasting as it does thousands of acres of residential estates. Houses in the older part of the town, found near The Square and The Promenade, are from the turn of the 19th Century and are quite pleasing on the eye. It has to be said, however, that more than a kilometre out from this, all you get is drab suburbs. St Anne's came into existence as a settlement on the dunes between Lytham and Blackpool - the first settlers are referred to as Sand Grown'uns for this reason.

Things to See in St Anne's

  • The Pier - A classic heritage turned tacky knick-knack emporium.

  • Sand-yachting - St Anne's is a world-renowned haven for sand-yachting, thanks to the many miles of flat sand on its beaches.

  • Kiting - For similar reasons, kite-flyers flock there, especially in the summer and during the kite festival.

  • Winston's - Excellent themed pizza place in the square.

  • Tiggi's - Excellent Italian restaurant, though a little bit expensive.

  • Royal Lytham St Anne's Golf Course - The famous British Open visits and engulfs the town every few years.

Things to Avoid in St Anne's

  • Shopping in The Square - This can prove to be quite a dull experience - almost as dull as the disappointing dunes.

  • Skateboarders - Watch out for these fast-moving juveniles who pose a risk, not only to themselves, but also to passers-by.

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