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Mr Potato Head

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Mr Potato Head is a children's toy inexplicably popular in the United States and parts of Europe. The basic toy consists of a misshapen lump of brownish plastic that is supposed to resemble a potato and a whole lot of little plastic eyes, ears, mouths, moustaches, hats, and whatever else one would reasonably expect to find on someone's head.

The child playing with the toy is supposed to assemble the pieces into a face on the plastic 'potato' so that they resemble a face of some sort. Theoretically, with a large enough number of pieces, Mr. Potato Head could have a nearly infinite variety of faces, thus making him the ultimate super spy. Unfortunately, children usually just spend their time playing with this master of disguise putting the eyes in the mouth slot, or similar actions, producing a face similar to something Picasso may have painted. This is all quite amusing for anyone under the age of eight or so and their parents, but of little use to the intelligent community.

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