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The Five Elements in Relation to the Wiccan Religion

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Although nothing is a central part of the Wiccan religion*, the five elements certainly play an important part in it. The five elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Spirit (or Akasha), and are each represented in the pentagram*.


According to Wiccans, the Earth has been our home and our mother since we first emerged from her magnificent oceans. She nurtures, heals, and protects us. Earth is the most physical of all the five elements. Earth is the realm of prosperity, wealth, abundance, protection, healing, stability, fertility and money. Rituals for Earth can involve just simply burying something, walking over the countryside, or drawing images in the ground. Earth is a feminine element as it is life giving and nurturing.

Many civilisations have worshipped the Earth and/or have come to see it as a great mother, or goddess. Earth rules the north point of the compass as the north is a place of the winter and night. Its colour is green and it governs stone, trees, image and knot magic.


Fire has been revered and worshipped for millennia by many cultures. It is the element of will, change and passion. It can be a frightening and powerful magic, the results of which manifest quickly. Its magical realm includes sexuality and passion, energy, authority, sex, destruction of negativity and purification. It is the most primal and spiritual element. It's also very physical and so is much used. It can be found in the form of candles. Fire's colour is red and it rules the warm, hot and dry southern lands of the compass and the summer. Candle magic comes under fire element.


Air is the realm of intellect, thought and creation. Magically it is clear and uncluttered and always moving. It is a powerful tool for change and travelling. As well as change and travel, its magic includes instruction, freedom, obtaining knowledge, uncovering lies, discovering the truth, decisions and so on. It can also develop psychic aspects. Air is a masculine element, its colour is yellow and it belongs to the realm of the east and spring. Music magic, divination, visualisation, the four winds and concentration.


Water is the element of emotion, purification and the psychic mind. It is a feminine element, its colour is the blue of the deep ocean and it rules the sunset and dusk and the season of autumn. For Wiccans it was our birth place, where the components of our ancestors first combined.


Spirit is the binding force of the Universe, it exists within everything and works to keep everything together. It is regarded as the highest of the elements, but is the least well known. Spirit is used often in workings of magic, especially those that are visual or meditative in nature. It is represented by the upper point of the pentagram, with the other four prongs symbolising the remaining four elements.

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